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James Davidson Ph.D.

Nancy Davidson Ph.D.

Dr. Davidson is available to perform Court ordered criminal evaluations. He has provided services to private attorneys, public defenders as well as prosecution. He has experience in evaluating juvenile competence to stand trial as well as juvenile and child perpetrated sexual offenses. Please contact Dr. Davidson prior to initiating a Court order to ensure availability and timeliness of an evaluation.

Dr. Davidson has conducted the following types of criminal forensic evaluations:

    • Psychological evaluation (mental status and stability)
    • Mental State at Time of Offense (NGRI)
    • Miranda waiver and false confession
    • Capital murder and homicide
    • Sexual offense by a child or adult
    • Risk Assessment (VRAG, Static99R, HCR20v3 etc)
    • Juvenile criminal matters
    • Sentence mitigation
    • Competence to Stand Trial
  • Treatment placement