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James Davidson Ph.D.

Nancy Davidson Ph.D.

james-davidsonJames Davidson Ph.D. is a forensic and clinical psychologist. He received his doctorate from Kent State University, where he was recognized as a University Fellow. He received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. He is licensed as a psychologist in Texas and Idaho, and able to conduct forensic evaluations in most states. In over 30 years of private practice, he has evaluated the effectiveness of mental health agencies, conducted numerous psychological and forensic evaluations, and served as an expert witness on various issues. He has expertise in such specialty areas as child custody evaluations, very young children, juvenile law and juvenile sexual offense, but is also experienced with general criminal and civil matters.

Dr. Davidson has conducted criminal evaluations for issues such as competence to stand trial, mental state at the time offense, mitigation, false confession, sexual offense, risk assessment and competence to waive Miranda rights. Dr. Davidson has conducted civil evaluations for issues such as child custody, parent competency, psychological evaluation, sexual abuse tort action, personal injury, psychological evaluation, and civil competence (guardianship). He has experience assisting attorneys with the critique of family law, civil and criminal psychological work product, and preparation of questions for direct and cross examination. He has been trained in conducting forensic interviews of children that meet the NICHHD criteria used for child advocacy centers.

Dr. Davidson’s emphasis is providing services and expert opinion based on scientific research, clinical practice, relevant law and psychological methods and procedures that are considered to be best practice. Dr. Davidson has met the educational requirements to practice civil and family law mediation. He is approved to perform parent coordination and parent facilitation. Dr. Davidson has extensive forensic and clinical experience across the age range and with diverse socioeconomic and ethnic groups.

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Dr. Nancy Davidson assists with family law, civil and criminal forensic evaluations. She is extensively trained in clinical, developmental and forensic matters.Dr. Davidson earned her doctorate from Michigan State University, following undergraduate training at the University of Michigan. She is licensed as a psychologist in Texas and Idaho. In over 30 years in private practice, she served on the faculty of Hiram College, taught at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University, as well as Ashland College. Dr. Nancy served as the chief psychologist at Emerge – a large counseling program in Akron, Ohio, and as a counselor with the Veterans Administration. She has special expertise in child and adult developmental psychology. She has extensive experience with very young children and has been trained in conducting forensic interviews of children that meet the NICHHD criteria used for child advocacy centers.

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Timely Delivery: Psychological Evaluations in 1 month, Custody Evaluations in 3 months. A case is not accepted if timely delivery isn’t possible.

Reliable Information: Detailed reports using reliable peer reviewed methods and principles.

Relevant Reports: Clearly written for the lay person, with an appendix of technical details for the professional .

Objective and Balanced: Hired gun? Yes! A “straight shooter.”

Opinions: Connected to the facts.

Recommendations: Meeting the legal requirements and case issues.

Clear Testimony: Understandable testimony driven by the facts.

Professional and Experienced: Over 2000 evaluations conducted consistent with best practices of various professional organizations.